Bay Area NeurOptimal® Providers

Bringing Brain Training to Our Community

Monthly sliding scale brain training events making the benefits of brain training available to all.

Next Event:
January 23rd, 2:30-5:30 pm
828 San Pablo Ave, suite 210
Albany, Ca 94706
in the Atrium Building, upstairs


Brain training is for everyone, just like exercise and meditation benefits everyone! The brain can be trained like a muscle to become stronger, more resilient and flexible. Everyone experiences their own unique benefits from brain training.

Our clients have reported improvements in the following areas:

  • Sleep
  • Mental acuity
  • Stress reduction/resiliency
  • Peak performance at work, school, and sports
  • Feeling more calm
  • Less reactive
  • Emotional self-regulation



Committed to our dedication to training all brains, we offer monthly community day where brain training sessions are offered at a sliding scale fee and no one is turned away.


  1. Sign in and sign a waiver at the check-in table
  2. Have a seat and wait for your turn
  3. When it’s your turn, a trainer will hook you up and start your session.
  4. Sensors are placed on your scalp and ears that feed the electrical activity from your brain to the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Software.
  5. For the 33 minute session, you listen to music and relax.
  6. The software creates a feedback loop by disrupting audio output when it detects an instability or change in your brain activity. This sounds like a skip or scratch in the music.

Your brain uses this information to organize and optimize.  Our auditory perception is always on so even if you fall asleep, read a book, or reply to emails during your session you are getting the benefits of brain training!

Community Day Details

  • Walk-in only
  • Cash only
  • Sliding scale $25-$40 per person (Regularly $100)
  • You will be training with others in the same space
  • All ages welcome
  • All brains welcome

Angela Martinucci

Mind Balance, El Cerrito

We are passionate about Brain Health!

Meet the Brain Trainers

Carleigh and Angela are mothers and business owners who have seen how much NeurOptimal® brain training has helped their children and countless clients. They are on a mission to share brain training with others in their community and provide low cost access to those who can’t otherwise afford it.

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

The Technology

We use NeurOptimal®—the most advanced, safe, powerful, non-invasive, and effective EEG-based technology on the market—that works directly with your central nervous system. The technology uses non-invasive sensors to monitor the electromagnetic activity of the brain and produces audio feedback in real-time—millisecond by millisecond. This gentle audio feedback signal helps the brain adapt to real-time information and makes decisions about how to improve itself—based on its own innate understanding of what it needs. 

Do You Want To Bring Brain Training to Your Community?

We are interested in bringing Brain Training to communities who need it most. If you have a location in the bay area to host a community day we'd love to hear from you.